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Big Savings
Better Quality

It's That Simple


How can we be less expensive, have better quality, and be as flexible and reliable?

Big companies have big overhead costs and up to tens of thousands of tutors to manage; we don’t! So, we have the time to pay attention to our tutors, to interview them face to face, and to even work with them in developing the best possible educational experience for your kids. It's touring done simple and tutoring done right.

About Us


We are:

  • Undergrad college students  

  • Graduate students in higher education  

  • Or have obtained graduate degrees

We are a small few, all hand-picked by the owner Jo Rose, who is also a tutor herself and has a graduate degree from the University of OU.


We are educators, world travelers, and devoted scholars. We apply our love for knowledge to our tutorage. Our highest aim is to impart a passion for learning that carries on after the lesson is finished. We believe in staying with students and providing a consistent experience and consistent information.

About The Competition

Irresponsible and Too Large Too be Accountible

Most major sites pay tutors a rate that is so low that the tutors feel no obligation towards the company or their students. Tutors come and go as they please and without warning. These businesses rely on a rotating door policy. This makes a child's experience inconsistent, can delay progress, and adds confusion.

Did you know that at all large tutoring sites, you can get hired as a tutor, work with kids, and be given privileged information without any in-person interview? Some don't even verify a tutor's credentials.

AI Tutoring At Large Companies

Parents should be vigilant as major tutoring companies are resorting to AI for tutoring services, including the development of lesson plans and tutoring resources. This cost-cutting measure often means hiring less experienced tutors who heavily depend on AI tools. It's imperative for parents to scrutinize these practices, ensuring their children receive adequate personalized attention and a high-quality education rather than being subjected to a potentially subpar learning experience driven by automation.

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