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Kindergarten through High School Courses


Jo primarily teaches all elementary classes

Available subjects include Writing, Science Reading, Social Studies, Math, Homework Help, Introduction to Poetry, and Introduction to Essays.

Certain students may need a combination of all of these, and that's great! Jo wants the class to be fun and interesting and satisfy your students' learning needs.

Free Placement Assessment Included! Jo will asses your students' placement and needs to help you determine the steps necessary to bring out the best in your student!

This is a picture of Jo, the head tutor and founder of Lit Tutors. She is smiling and looking at you.  Her arm is folded in front of her and she leans forward, resting her chin on her hand. She wears a white, light weight. patterned sweater. She has shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes.

Catching Up

Since Covid, many students need help to catch up, especially in writing, civics, and math. Jo has experience getting students who need to catch up to get to grade level!

From Jo to prospective students:

Hi, I'm Jo! I hope you will join my classes. We will have a lot of fun and learn many new things. About me, I have traveled worldwide, learning as I go. A little about me, I have been to Tokyo, Paris, LA, Amsterdam, Berlin, and many others! I competitively rock climbed as a kid and now do it just for fun. I have a cat named Bear that you will probably see in our video sessions!

My educational experience began when I started teaching at a summer camp 2014. Eventually, I  became a substitute teacher helping with K-12 schools throughout San Francisco. I grew my position in the summer camp to, in time, run most of the program and assist in extending it to become an afterschool program in multiple school districts. 

I continued my educational journey too. I was accepted into grad school for American history in 2018. During that program, I taught college students history and how to write as a Teaching Assistant. I graduated with my master's in 2022! 

This is a photo of Jo teaching at the Sam Noble Museum in Norman Oklahoma. She is reading a story to children and their parents in a playroom within the museum. There are dinosaur skeletons hanging from the ceiling and their shadows cast down onto the wall behind her.
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