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This is  a photo of Jo, she has blonde hair, is smiling, sitting at a desk looking at you. She is an expert online tutor.

Masters In History
with 10 years teaching experience

Try out reading and writing with Jo

Grad students tutoring 

Tailored schedules and classes to your needs

Expert tutors un-locking pathways to success

 your child 1 on 1

Best value

Our tutors are graduate students& we NEVER use AI!


“Thank you so much! I really enjoyed hearing him read aloud and answering comprehension questions. I'm excited to continue working on his reading/writing skills.”

Mrs. Klapec, 01/27/2023

What We Offer

This is a picture of a happy female student with back shoulder length hair and glasses. She is looking at you smiling. She is holding a tablet because she is ready for her online tutoring session.

No cost for cancellations

Hours roll-over each month

Pay by the hour
or buy packages

Our Philosophy

A trees growth depends on its soil

We foster natural curiosity so they can thrive

We believe in quality one-on-one education and NEVER use AI lesson plans.

This is a picture of a tree growing. It's strong roots reach into the ground and healthy leaves and branches reach up into the sky.

Everyone has potential

Who We Are

Our Tutors are Grads

I'm Jo, the founder of Lit Tutors. I work tirelessly to ensure our platform as the best online tutoring company in the USA. Our mission stems from a passion for learning and the transformative power of education in my own life. In this house, we are all scholars who have attended higher education. Some premium tutors are in pursuit of their doctorates. This is why we are confident that our education employs the most up to date research techniques and education in the books. 

From my experience working with numerous tutoring companies and my experience as an educator for 10 years, I can tell you with certainty that our tutors are a cut above the rest. These tutors are not randomly hired from the internet with some 5-minute video interview and hastened look at an over-fluffed resume. Our tutors are hand-selected: chosen for their love for education, passion for helping others, and scholarly achievements.

In higher education, it's easy to overlook our extraordinary privilege: access. Everyone deserves access to cutting-edge methodologies, expert instruction, and insights into the unspoken rules of the game that is our education system. Access and individualized education will reveal the geniuses of our time. At Graduate Tutors and Mentoring, we aim to share our experience, knowledge, and insights with you!

This a picture of Jo the founder of Lit Tutors. She is smiling and looking your way. Her computer is before her and her hands are on the keyboard.

We believe in fostering the natural curiosities of our students. In this way we offer a hybrid of traditional and non-traditional approaches to education. By finding each students intrinsic genius we develop individualized pathways to success.

I hope you take some time to look around and find a plan that fits your needs.



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